Purlow... the purring pillow
The Purring Pillow

The PurlowTM is a purring pillow that is activated by applying a small amount of pressure to the pillow. It creates the soothing sound of a purring cat. I thought of the idea on a night years ago when one of our cats was lying above my head on my pillow while I was in bed. The purring was a comforting sound, so I thought up the idea of making a pillow that would do the same.

Some Uses for the Purlow

  • Something soothing for a child to lie on to help them take a nap.
  • A calming device for active children.
  • A coping device for someone who recently lost a pet.

Additional Concepts

Other sounds could go in the pillow, which could include ocean sounds, babbling brooks, white noise or other animals. In which case, the pillow designs would reflect the pillow sounds.


My wife and I have two young boys that love the Purlow. They like to chase the cats around the house also! As unpredictable as their actions are at this age, the cats sometimes will not let them come near them. The Purlow provides some level of comfort and enjoyment in their absence.


The Purlow is for now a conceptual design with a few prototypes. There are no Purlows in production. I am interested in finding a toy manufacturer who would be willing to consider the Purlow as a possible product line.

* Due to the concerns of SIDS, the Purlow is not intended to be kept in the crib.